Wild Greg's Saloon manager and bouncer arrested for battery

Left: Kurt Just. Right: Kory Moegenburg. Photo courtesy: Escambia County Jail log


An altercation at Wild Greg's Saloon in downtown Pensacola ended with the manager and his bouncer in jail.

The Pensacola Police Department (PPD) arrest report states the manager, Kurt Just, pepper sprayed the victim, Christian Walker, and two others. The report states the bouncer, Kory Moegenburg, kicked Walker in the face while he was lying on the ground on South Palafox Place. According to a report, it all started when the group was denied entry to the country western bar, Wild Greg's Saloon, just after midnight on Friday.

The report states Corey Hicks asked why he and his friends were "denied entry" and a racial slur was reportedly exchanged between the two, according to one doorman. As Hicks left, the report states, he knocked over a trash can and barricades as the group of friends walked away. One eyewitness told Pensacola Police in the report, Just said "get them".

According to the report, multiple witnesses told PPD they saw the manager, Just, run down the street and pepper spray the group. One eyewitness in the report states, Hicks and Walker were thrown to the ground and that's when Walker was kicked in the face by the security guard, Moegenburg. Hicks told officers in the report that during the altercation, Just called him the "n" word.

Walker and two other men went to Baptist Hospital for treatment. In the report, Just claims the men tried to rob him. According to Just's account in the report, they tried to take money out of his pocket, snatch his chain off his neck, then attacked him.

That account did not have a witness in the arrest report.

Both Just and Moegenburg were arrested for battery.

PPD says a can of pepper spray was located at door of Wild Greg's Saloon.

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