Video shows Kendall Jenner pushing security guard on red carpet

Credits: E News Kendall Jenner has been blasted on social media for appearing to push a security guard out of the way. Footage has gone viral of the American model and television personality pushing a security guard out of shot as a photographer snapped her on the red carpet.

The video was taken at Monday night’s Met Gala, the annual fundraising event for New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art. Naturally there was a strong reaction online. “KENDALL JENNER JUST PUSHED A SECURITY GUARD OUT OF HER SHOT IM CHOKING (sic),” one tweet said.

“@KendallJenner really????? U didnt had to shove that guy just for the spotlight..(sic),” another said. Many on social media were also unimpressed with the model’s outfit saying it didn’t fit with the event’s theme “Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination”.

“Kendall Jenner has all that money yet she can’t even follow one simple theme the wrong people always get to be rich (sic).”

“Kendall Jenner is really the blandest person i’ve ever known, this year’s theme is all about opulence and decadence and she rolls up in a white jumpsuit???? i’m telling yall she’s the human version of the colour beige (sic)”, another said.


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