Trangie looking for CCTV

It was announced early last month that Narromine had received funding for the installation of CCTV cameras to combat crime, yet concerns were raised over social media asking if Trangie would also receive a security boost.
Narromine Shire Mayor Craig Davies said statistics reveal Trangie's low rate of crime and suggested the expense is not warranted.
"The fact is we have a low tolerance to crime and people are doing everything they can to ensure that we don't get crime in our towns," Councillor Davies said.

"There is no town in NSW the same size as Trangie that would have CCTV for that purpose.

Right now we can't justify spending that sort of money for CCTV in Trangie."

However Cr Davies reminds the community to report any crime or suspicious activity. "If people see crime please report it to police, that's the only way you can make crime statistics really reflect what's happening in our towns."

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