Teachers fear CCTV will spy on them

Stuart MacDonald

Members of the Scottish Secondary Teachers’ Association say CCTV cameras could be used to monitor staff performanceDAVID DAVIES/PA

Teachers have raised concerns that CCTV cameras in classrooms could be used to spy on their performance. Some councils are considering installing them to record any violent incidents and protect staff and pupils from false allegations. The Scottish Secondary Teachers’ Association (SSTA) will discuss the issue at its annual congress this month.

A motion from the union’s branch in North Lanarkshire states: “The association accepts that surveillance CCTV improves the safety and security of the school building. “The use of it, however, throws up other issues pertaining to the use of surveillance CCTV within the classroom. The association calls on all local authorities to ensure that such technologies are not to be used to gather data for performance management purposes or capability procedures.”

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