Security guard and boyfriend help woman give birth in hospital parking lot

CORBIN, Ky. (WYMT) — A woman and her boyfriend took matters into their own hands when her baby could not wait to be born in the hospital.

When her labor pains began around noon, Kendra Bain’s boyfriend drove her to Baptist Health in Corbin, Kentucky. “I thought I had plenty of time. I thought I had at least a couple of hours,” said Bain.

Before they could get to the hospital, Bain’s water broke in their vehicle. By the time they pulled into the parking lot, the baby was on its way. “Thirty minutes from home to here (Baptist Health) and he was here,” said Bain.

Bain gave birth in the vehicle, with the help of her boyfriend and a security guard who was nearby. “He (Lawson) was telling me to wait, I was freaking out and told him I couldn’t wait. One more push and he was here,” said Bain.

Wolfgang, a healthy baby boy, was born. “It’s a miraculous thing and it was so sudden – we were – I was taken aback,” said Bain’s boyfriend, Jerry Lawson. Wolfgang is Bain’s fourth child.

The happy mother and her son were expected be released from the hospital on Thursday.

“Definitely got a story to tell him when he gets older,” said Bain

Bain said she and Wolfgang are doing very well.

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