Police took almost 200 calls from nightclub where mother died

According to the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office, 29-year-old Marcus Hull is responsible for a shooting that occurred at La Isla Del Encanto. (WPEC)


The murder of a local mother has some calling a local business a nuisance. Last weekend a gunman shot and killed 24-year-old Kassandra Morales at a nightclub called La Isla Del Encanto. CBS12 investigates the number of times people have called 911 for help from that establishment.

Jose Castaneda works at Sunshine Flea Market in the West Palm Beach Plaza. He said he stays far away from the nearby nightclub because of what he has seen. "Just one little situation and it all goes out of proportion," Castaneda says.

Alvaro Aguiree agrees. He manages a restaurant in the same plaza. Aguiree said almost every week he sees deputies outside of the nightclub.

CBS12 News found out that Palm Beach County deputies received 198 calls from La Isla Del Encanto in the past five years. Documents obtained by CBS12 show people called for help for more than a dozen of different types of incidents including shootings, assaults and fights. County Commissioner Paulette Burdick represents this district.

"This establishment is a nuisance," Burdick says. Commissioner Burdick explained why she believes bars, nightclubs and convenient stores located outside city limits should close earlier than 5 a.m. "The data says from the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office that 38 percent of this time is spent between the hours of 2 a.m. and 5 a.m. within 250 feet of establishments like this," Commissioner Burdick said.

Others like Castaneda believe the blame falls on the crowd, not the nightclub. "There is always going to be a problem whether we like it or not," Castaneda said. CBS12 reached out to both the nightclub and the security company that works at the nightclub.

We have yet to hear back.

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