PC quit after nightclub fracas

The behaviour of a police constable who was thrown out of a nightclub and fought with bouncers amounted to gross misconduct, a hearing found. Thames Valley Police said former officer Ryan Field, who was based at the Oxford investigation hub, was off-duty in Banbury when he fought with door staff. While under the influence of alcohol he kicked one member of staff 'with considerable force on his shin,' the panel heard.

Field resigned on April 17 before his hearing at TVP's headquarters in Kidlington on Thursday last week. The special case misconduct hearing, chaired by Chief Constable Francis Habgood determined that the former officer had breached the standards of professional behaviour in respect of discreditable conduct. In a statement, police said Field "intervened in a disturbance by shouting and grappling with security staff" at the nightclub in the early hours of February 19.

Staff ejected him from the premises, but he continued to "behave in an aggressive manner" and kicked one of the men at the door. The Chief Constable said Field would have been dismissed from the force had he still been a serving officer and TVP will submit his details to be placed on the College of Policing's Barred List. Deputy Chief Constable John Campbell said Field "behaved in such a manner likely to bring discredit upon the police service which would have undermined the public's confidence in us".

"There can never be a place for this behaviour in our force," he added. In a separate case, another former officer who looked up the criminal history of his ex-partners' new boyfriends was found to have committed gross misconduct. At another special hearing last Thursday, the male officer, only referred to as Officer A, accessed the Police National Computer and Thames Valley Police's Niche database.

He was said to have taken information from them for a 'non-policing' purpose. No longer a serving officer, he would have been sacked if he was still in the force, the panel said. His details will now be placed on the College of Policing's Barred List.

He accessed details improperly between January 3, 2015 and October 14, 2015.

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