No Security Alerts Ahead of US Embassy Opening in Jerusalem, Police Chief Says

There are no specific security alerts for the May 14 opening of the U.S. embassy in Jerusalem, said Israeli Police Commissioner Roni Alsheich on Wednesday. He added that while there is constant activity, there are no drastic changes in the amount of alerts in Jerusalem.

“There is continuous thwarting, but no extreme tension” ahead of the opening, Alsheich said, adding that the public can maintain its routine.

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Massive protests are reportedly being planned by Hamas for the following day, May 15, which marks the Palestinian Nakba.

No official protests were reported for the West Bank or Jerusalem.

On Monday, at least three “U.S. Embassy” road signs went up in Jerusalem on Monday ahead of next week’s opening of the mission in the city.

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The signs, in English, Hebrew and Arabic, were installed by workmen close to the south Jerusalem location of a U.S. consulate building that will be repurposed as the embassy when it is officially relocated on May 14 from Tel Aviv.

“This is not a dream – it’s reality!

This morning, I am proud and excited to install the first signs for the U.S. embassy, which will open next week in Jerusalem,” Mayor Nir Barkat posted on Facebook, adding “I thank President Trump for making this historic moment come to fruition.”

On Tuesday, Barkat announced the square near the new Embassy building will be named “United States Square” in honor of U.S.

President Donald Trump’s decision to relocate it to Jerusalem.

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