Mother's anger after Lewie Herbert 'pushed to ground' by Morrisons security guard

A mother says she is "disgusted" after a video emerged of her teenage son apparently being pushed to the ground by a supermarket security guard. Stepbrothers Lewie Herbert and Kieran Williams, both 14, were dropped off by their parents at the Morrisons store in Mill Way, Sittingbourne, to buy a drink on their way to meet friends in Sheerness. After entering the store they were reportedly approached by a security guard and asked to leave, despite their mother's insistence that they hadn't done anything to provoke such a reaction.

Lewie Herbert, 14, was filmed being picked up and thrown by a supermarket security guard (1941070)

Video footage, filmed by a friend who was also in the supermarket at the time, then shows Lewie propelled backwards across the store entrance.

Kent Police have since confirmed they are investigating the incident, which has left mum Clare Williams, 44, of Church Road, fuming. She said: "They were walking up the pasta aisle and the security guard told them to get out. They asked what they'd done wrong and he just attacked them.

Video footage shows a security guard throwing Lewie Herbert, 14, to the ground

"The police said they have had trouble with children from Sittingbourne going into the shop but the CCTV proves they've done absolutely nothing wrong.

"Now Lewie has injured his back and couldn't do PE at school for a week. He's really traumatised and embarrassed. "I'm just disgusted and in total shock that something like that could happen to a 14-year-old boy.

Lewie Herbert, Kieran Williams and Clare Williams

"There's been no issues prior to this, it's not like they've been banned from the store."

A police spokesman said: "Kent Police was called at 5.11pm on Friday, April 27, to a report of threatening behaviour by a group of youths in Mill Way, Sittingbourne.

"A further report of assault was made when officers attended the scene.

Enquiries into the incident remain ongoing."

The Morrisons store in in Mill Way Sittingbourne

A Morrisons spokesman added: "We are helping police with their enquiries."

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