Graphic dashcam footage shows brutal mob beating of security guards


Barry Winslade was brutally attacked in a forest while working as a security guard. The punch that killed Countdown security guard Goran Milosavljevic earlier this month hit Barry Winslade too. It hit him hard.

* Warning: this story contains violent images A few years ago, in a forest north of Auckland, Winslade was seriously assaulted after coming across a group of young people partying in the forest. The group turned on him and his colleague, attacking them both with blows to the head and body.

Winslade suffered a broken rib, had his face cut and was left with a serious concussion. His colleague had to have reconstructive surgery on his eye socket. READ MORE:
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According to the New Zealand Security Association, the actual number of guards who are assaulted on the job is unknown. Under-reporting means assaults like Winslade's may be going unnoticed. Video showing the assault on security guard Barry Winslade in 2016.

Following Milosavljevic's death, an investigation was launched to find out what exactly happened and how. Winslade says you don't need an investigation to figure out Milosavljevic's death was a final warning - one we need to learn from quickly. 'IT CAN'T CARRY ON LIKE THIS'

Over two years have passed since Winslade's attack, but what happened in the forest still haunts him. For years he had been working on and off in the security industry. He is qualified to do personal security and be a private investigator.

On the night in October 2016, he was working on guarding a forestry area from people poaching, partying or drug-taking. They came across a group of young people who had been drinking around a bonfire.

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Winslade approached the group, telling them they were trespassing and needed to leave. They then began taking photos of the cars to give as evidence for the police.

Graphic dashcam footage shows brutal mob beating of security guards

Security guard Barry Winslade's colleague suffered serious injuries after the two men were assaulted by a gang.

However, the group became agitated at the prospect of the police being called. Video footage taken from a dashcam inside Winslade's car shows the teenagers becoming increasingly aggressive. At one point, some of the group place logs behind the security car, blocking any way to get out.

Winslade was then crowded around by a group of young men who began raining punches upon his head. His workmate was also pummeled. As quick as it started, it stopped.

The youths began pulling back and made a dash for their vehicles. "I do remember thinking, 'God, how long will this be?' The blows were constant. It seemed to last forever.

It seemed like it went on and on and on."

Graphic dashcam footage shows brutal mob beating of security guardsSUPPLIED DASHCAM

Screengrabs from a dashcam video showing the violent beating of security guard Barry Winslade and a colleague. Winslade and his colleague managed to retreat to their vehicle bloodied and bruised. A police investigation was launched, and late last year brothers Matt and Joe Jurlina were convicted at the Auckland District Court for their part in the brawl.

The ongoing impact of the assault has plagued Winslade with health issues. And sadly, it was not the first time he had been assaulted on the job. In 2014 he was attacked by three men who kicked him to the ground.

He managed to escape largely unscathed. "Something needs to be done, it can't carry on like this," he says. 'THERE WERE WARNINGS'

Gary Morrison from the New Zealand Security Association believes experiences like Winslade's aren't rare. "We acknowledge security guards work in a risky role. The impact of drugs, in particular 'P', is increasing the number of assaults."

Graphic dashcam footage shows brutal mob beating of security guards

The injuries sustained to Winslade's workmate resulted in him having to have reconstructive surgery.

However, assaults or incidents which result in injury are not always being reported. "We don't have a high incident rate - that is something Worksafe has made us aware of. There is obviously a degree of under-reporting."

According to Morrison, there are about 20,000 security personnel currently working in the country. Those who enter into a role are trained in general practice, but their development often stops there. Statistics released by ACC show that reported injuries to security guards are at a three-year high, but not all reported injuries are the result of an assault.

Last year, 875 security guards went to ACC with injuries, compared to the low 800s in previous years. "The training is under review," Morrison insists. "It will be freshened up, but where we are failing as an industry is that we don't do well with continuing training once someone has started working." There is a training programme available to people who are employed as security staff but its uptake is "very, very poor", Morrison says.

Work was done last year for a code of practice to be refined between key stakeholders like Worksafe and the unions. However, progress on the code stalled prior to the election. "I am sure this incident will reinvigorate the progress of that document," Morrison adds.

It is unclear how many training opportunities Milosavljevic had while employed with Allied Security. When contacted the company declined to comment. One particular issue raised by critics following Milosavljevic's death was how some security companies were undercutting each other at the expense of their employees.

This resulted in a company offering only one security guard for an environment that may require two, or three. A former security worker at Countdown Papakura, where Milosavljevic was killed, said they knew it was only a matter of time that someone's life was taken. Speaking anonymously, the former employee says while they were working at the supermarket there were numerous assaults on staff.

"We had a huge number of assaults. The Papakura Countdown is a very difficult Countdown. There were numerous discussions with Countdown management about how safety was a problem," the security worker said.

"The security industry is a cowboy industry." Lack of training, low pay and fast turnover were all feeding into a problem which left security guards at the front door of supermarkets under-equipped to do their job safely, the security worker says.

Graphic dashcam footage shows brutal mob beating of security guards

Security guard Barry Winslade suffered a broken rib, had his face cut and was left with serious concussion. "Countdown is a horrible place.

You have no idea of the abuse and violence that the security officers deal with. The fact is, those officers are just not trained to be there. "There were warnings something like this would happen."

Countdown were asked to comment on the issues raised in this story but declined. However, Countdown's corporate affairs general manager Kiri Hannifin does say it is a "sad reality" some stores need extra security. "We've never had something like this happen before.

"It's only right that we should take the opportunity to review what's happened and we don't believe it's appropriate to comment further until we've completed this." HARD LESSONS In 2011, 22-year-old Charanpreet Singh Dhaliwal, was on his first shift as a security guard when he was attacked at construction site in west Auckland.

Graphic dashcam footage shows brutal mob beating of security guards

Charanpreet Singh Dhaliwal was found dead in a pool of blood after being attacked on an Auckland construction site.

Hours later he was found dead in a pool of his own blood. The man accused of his murder was found not guilty at trial. CNE Security, the company he was employed with, was also found not guilty of failing to provide a safe work environment.

However, a coronial inquest highlighted the flaws in how low-level security guards are trained. Dhaliwal had relatively no experience of being a security guard, leaving him ill-equipped to deal with a dangerous situation. Coroner Peter Ryan recommended training should be improved for security guards to include measures on how to avoid confrontations while alone on duty.

Graphic dashcam footage shows brutal mob beating of security guards

Goran Milosavljevic who was killed while working for Allied Security.

Ryan also recommended a code of practice be introduced after consultation with the security industry to look at issues including the need for a formal risk assessment at work sites, the introduction of radio telephones for lone night guards and regular welfare checks for staff. Following Milosavljevic's attack, E tu Union boss Jill Oven says despite the changes made after Dhaliwal's death, there is still more to be done. "We will be following up in the wake of these attacks to see what lessons can be learned to help keep these workers safe," she says.

"This is dangerous work, done by people working long hours for very low wages." Earlier this week, Milosavljevic was laid to rest. His teenage son Alex said his dad deserved to remembered.

Graphic dashcam footage shows brutal mob beating of security guards

Security officer Barry Winslade and his colleague suffered serious injuries when they were beaten to the ground and kicked by a group of youths.

"If he can see us right now, I'm sure he's very happy and proud of himself, of us - me and my brother - and everybody. "He deserved to be known." The 17-year-old male charged with Milosavljevic's manslaughter will appear again in court later this month.

For Winslade, he hopes speaking out will help stop another guard being injured, or killed. "The man who passed away outside Countdown never should have. It should never have been an option."

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