Abloy UK webinar to show the key to integrated security

integration webinar

A webinar on security integration and how organisations can maintain high security standards while enhancing operational efficiencies is to be hosted by Abloy UK.

Scheduled for 10.00 am on Thursday 24 May, the webinar will focus on how keys have now become technologically connected devices and can integrate with systems such as enterprise resource planning, permit to work, telemetry and SCADA. "Users have secure access to an online management application from anywhere in the world and can change key access permissions, profiles, schedules and validity, even revoking their use virtually at the click of a button," said Pip Courcoux, Sales and Product Manager for CLIQ systems at Abloy. "Keys can be validated daily, weekly or monthly keeping them continuously secure and audit trails are generated.

What's more, physical security can be integrated with existing telemetry systems to help control and manage operations." Join the webinar here. Abloy UK is exhibiting at IFSEC International, 19-21 June 2018, ExCeL London.

You can find them on stand H328. Register now. There is no agenda more critical today than securityAbloy UK webinar to show the key to integrated security Whatever your role within the industry, you have a part to play and IFSEC International is your arena. Take part in the big discussions, hear from strategic global security leaders, get hands on with the security technology of tomorrow, and be inspired.

If there is a vision of what makes a safer global landscape, it begins with the security profession.

Click here to join the beginning of this journey with IFSEC 2018.

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