Police continues to certify close protection officers for APEC Meet

02:00 PM

The Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary certified 31 close protection officers (CPPOs) last Friday at the Specialist Training Centre at the McGregor Police Barracks in Port Moresby.

Chief Superintendent (CSP) Kabib Lamu from the APEC Joint Security Task Force (JSTF) called upon the participants to be vigilant, active, prepared and to perform their duties with pride and dignity when the leaders and delegates arrive on our shores.

He said, "CPP officers are the front-line officers providing close protection to high profile dignitaries.

You are the face of our country.

You have been selected to undergo this training which will equip you with the knowledge not only to be competent and effective CPPOs but to be good ambassadors for PNG during the APEC meetings.

"I, therefore, call upon you all for total commitment and dedication in providing the CPP services required during and beyond APEC 2018," CSP Lamu concluded.

APEC training is on-going in all the safety and security organisation under the auspices of the JSTF for APEC PNG 2018.

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