Pasco man allegedly admitted fatal stabbing before fleeing to Mexico in 2010

One of the two suspects in the 2010 murder of a Pasco nightclub bouncer made his first appearance in court Tuesday. Adan Virgen-Ponce, who turns 37 on Wednesday, was recently extradited from Mexico and booked into the Franklin County jail. He and his nephew apparently never went home again after police say they stabbed Froilan Godines to death in a parking lot near El Patron Night Club and Restaurant.

Virgen-Ponce's car was found one week later abandoned in Yakima. By the time a state crime lab confirmed that blood stains on the driver's seat matched the victim's DNA, the two suspects were believed to have been long gone in Mexico. But, before leaving the United States, Virgen-Ponce talked to another family member and admitted getting into a fight with a security guard at the nightclub, court documents show.

Virgen-Ponce said he stabbed the man while his nephew, Concepcion Virgen, held him, according to documents. On Tuesday, just days after he was brought back by FBI agents, Virgen-Ponce walked into the Franklin County courtroom to answer to the 8-year-old crime.

Adan Virgen Ponce

Murder suspect Adan Virgen-Ponce appears Tuesday in Franklin County Superior Court in connection with the 2010 murder of Froilan Godines at a Pasco nightclub. Watch a video at:

Bob Brawdy Tri-City Herald Godines, 41, died that morning after arriving at a Tri-City hospital. Virgen-Ponce is charged with first-degree murder with a deadly weapon enhancement.

He will return to court Feb.

27 for arraignment. In the meantime, Prosecutor Shawn Sant asked that he continue to be held on £1 million bail.

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Virgen, now 28, has not yet been captured. He is charged with second-degree murder, with first-degree murder as an alternative.

It also includes the allegation that he or an accomplice used a deadly weapon. Court documents show that Virgen-Ponce and his girlfriend had been at El Patron until 1 a.m. Feb.

7, 2010. They were leaving when Godines confronted them about possibly taking alcohol out of the bar.


Concepcion Virgen Supplied photo

Virgen-Ponce got angry and fought with Godines until others stepped in and broke it up. The club's owner reported seeing Virgen-Ponce point a finger at Godines and threaten to return, documents said. Police said Virgen-Ponce took his girlfriend home and woke up his nephew to run an errand.

Godines was attacked after escorting two co-workers to their cars.

The women said they saw one man hold Godines while the other struck him, court documents said.

A witness also heard one of the assailants say "let's go now, leave him" in Spanish as she ran to help Godines, documents said.

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