Lewis Richards headbutts bouncer outside The Edge nightclub after 'slashing' teenager

A MAN who assaulted a bouncer in a late-night attack outside a club in Southampton has been jailed. When Lewis Richards headbutted The Edge's security guard Jake Moroney on November 30 he breached a suspended sentence that was given to him after he "slashed" a teenager with a screwdriver in Eastleigh. The 24-year-old was arrested following the incident at the Compton Walk bar and taken to Southampton Central Police Station where he then kicked out at PC William Chan.

Prosecutor Victoria Hill told Southampton Crown Court that prior to the first assault, Richards had been drinking for around four hours in the premises. She said: "The defendant was asked to leave the club and was escorted out due to his behaviour. "As he was leaving he asked security for a refund but was told he would not get one.

"When outside, Richards pushed his head back and moved it towards the side of the aggrieved's head." The court heard that when Richards was put into his cell at the station, PC Chan tried to remove his trousers as they had a cord in them and when he did Richards lashed out. In August, Richards targeted 18-year-old Jack Allwood and his 17-year-old friend who were out with two others in Eastleigh town centre.

He grabbed a screwdriver from his bag and slashed Mr Allwood before bundling the other victim against Domino's shop front in Leigh Road. His actions were brought to an end when a member of the public "dealt him some summary justice", taking the weapon and disposing of it. The prosecution said Richards admitted he had the screwdriver with him as he was going to "repair his motorcycle".

At that hearing, Richards was sentenced to eight months' imprisonment, suspended for 18 months. However, just months after that Richards was back offending again. Mitigating, Chris Gaiger told the court that all of Richards' offending revolved around alcohol.

Mr Gaiger added that from the original suspended sentence order, Richards had completed 83 hours of the 200 hours' unpaid work requirement.

Richards, of Waren Avenue, Southampton, was sentenced to seven months' imprisonment.

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