Female security guard hacked to death


Mochudi Police are in search of an alleged killer boyfriend who is suspected to have hacked his security guard girlfriend to death with an axe on Monday night. According to the Police, the brutal murder took place around midnight at Boseja clinic in Mochudi where the woman was on night duty. "What transpired is that, two security guards, male and female, were on night duty at the clinic.

The male guard said he took a walk around the building when he suddenly heard the woman screaming. When he dashed back to inspect, he found the woman lying down with gashes in her head and thighs," explained Botswana Police Service Deputy Public relations officer, Senior Superintendent Near Bagali. The 70-year old guard is said to have found a man, suspected to be the victim's boyfriend standing next to the woman's lifeless body.

He is said to have then threatened the elderly guard before walking away.

"No arrest has been made so far and the Police are still investigating.

They are in search of the alleged boyfriend," Bagali further explained.

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