Wavestore VMS upgrade simplifies camera setup and cuts joystick latency

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UK developer of open-platform and secure Linux-based video management software (VMS) Wavestore has launched the latest version with simplified camera setup as well as new features.

Automatic camera configuration is now available for ONVIF-compatible cameras. This reduces the time it takes to set up systems. Integrators are able to discover all cameras on the network and apply common ONVIF stream settings for each device as a Wavestore-generated profile.

The enhancement avoids integrators having to use each camera's setup screen. For projects with a large number of servers, systems integrators can create a single customised configuration file, which can be rolled out across all Wavestore units in the security system installation, reducing time spent on commissioning larger projects. While Wavestore's VMS delivers lip-synchronised audio as standard, the latest version, 6.10, integrates compatible ONVIF cameras with built-in microphones and speakers that can be used as part of a cost-effective two-way audio system.

To converse with people of communicate messages across a site easily, the operator clicks the microphone button on the WaveView client for an individual camera or a group of cameras. Audio is included in each channel license.

The audio is recorded onto a separate track that is time synchronised. It can be played back with associated video from any camera in the installation. Wavestore has also made improvements to minimise the latency when using joystick controls, which has been a problem for network-based security systems.

The enhancement provides users with accurate control of connected ONVIF PTZ cameras and Axis' native HTTP PTZ protocol. Wavestore v6.10 also includes a 'recording less than intended' event rule applicable to individual cameras. This is so that when a configured recording period exceeds the available storage, which risks previous footage being overwritten, then an event, such as sending an email to an administrator, can be triggered.

Julian Inman, head of product management at Wavestore, says: "Many of the enhancements we are delivering in V6.10 are in direct response to customer feedback as Wavestore's VMS is used in an ever-increasing number of projects around the World." Wavestore V6.10 is shipping with all new orders and is available as an upgrade for existing users who have the V6 license. Integration modules are available as bolt-ons, or can be ordered at time of purchase with new solutions.

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Wavestore VMS upgrade simplifies camera setup and cuts joystick latency


  1. ^ Free download: Fire safety guides from FIREX International (www.ifsecglobal.com)
  2. ^ Click here (www.ifsecglobal.com)

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