'Traumatised' friends who discovered murdered body of barmaid after she vanished on Christmas Eve 'cannot string a …

Friends who discovered the murdered body of barmaid Iuliana Tudos are "unable to string a sentence together" and have been left "traumatised for life" after their horrific find. The two women, who were good friends of the popular 22-year-old, would not be going through the trauma had police[1] not "dragged their heels", it is claimed. A huge search by Iuliana's large group of pals began when she vanished[2] on Christmas Eve.

Friends say police should have taken her disappearance more seriously initially. She was discovered in an unused building in Finsbury Park, North London. She had been stabbed in the stomach and suffered head injuries.

Julie went missing on Christmas Eve

A Met Police spokesman said they were informed of her disappearance at 9pm on Boxing Day and treated Iuliana as "medium risk", before changing her to "high risk" the day after - just hours before she was found.

Mick Wood, a friend of Julie's and a doorman at her favourite pub The Devonshire Arms, in Camden, said: "How Julie was found - it would not have been too hard for police to find her. "Now the girls, who I'm friends with, are traumatised for life. "They cannot string a sentence together after what they saw - and it's the police's fault, because they knew all her friends were out looking for her.

"The police dragged their heels with Julie. I spoke to about 500 people (in the Camden area) on Saturday and everyone feels the same."

'Traumatised' friends who discovered murdered body of barmaid after she vanished on Christmas Eve 'cannot string a ...A tent inside the police cordon near to where the body of Iuliana Tudos was found

Julie's friends say recent claims of attacks on women in North London should have prompted police to have more cops on the street. One woman, who says she was set upon by a group of men in the area on December 18, claimed on Facebook that police admitted to her there are two male groups in North London who are attacking women.

She said one of the groups is chasing women to use them as sex traffickers, and the other is doing so for money. A Met Police spokesman challenged this, insisting appeals for information would have gone out had that been the case - and that it was more likely to be groups of thieves on scooters.

'Traumatised' friends who discovered murdered body of barmaid after she vanished on Christmas Eve 'cannot string a ...Police search Finsbury Park after Julie was discovered

Police also said there had been no "particular spikes in crime in the affected area (where Iuliana was found)", adding: "A crime of this nature is highly unusual." Another woman, midwife Amy Alonso, wrote on Facebook how she was attacked three miles away from Finsbury Park in Wood Green, North London, days before Iuliana - but escaped by kicking the man in the groin.

She claimed she reported the incident to the police, who advised her not to walk alone in the evening. On November 29, 40-year-old male Mohammed Hersi died after being assaulted the previous day at the Bethel Cafe, just 300 metres from where Julie was last seen. A 17-year-old has been charged with murder.

'Traumatised' friends who discovered murdered body of barmaid after she vanished on Christmas Eve 'cannot string a ...A message written on a card left in tribute to Iuliana Tudos

Mick, 55, said: "It's like a war zone in that area and a violent place.

I'm a big, fat lump and I can handle myself and I feel scared when I'm in that area. It is a known crime area, where were police? "I've been on the doors for 20 years and more and more I'm seeing young women being targeted."

Regarding whether it would have made a difference if the case had been made high risk immediately, a Met Police spokesman said: "At the moment we believe it is likely that Iuliana died on Christmas Eve, before she was reported missing. It would be wrong to speculate further at this juncture. "The investigation needs time and space to piece together the sequence of events that led to her death."

Cops are not ruling out sexual or robbery motives, and believe some of Iuliana's items that are unaccounted for could have been stolen.


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