Tight security for New Year night

KARACHI – The law enforcement agencies (LEAs) claimed to have made special security plan on the eve of New Year night[1] , as the government decided to allow citizens to celebrate the night[2] at Sea View and other beaches. It is worth to mentioning here that, the all road towards sea view and other surroundings were blocked traditionally to minimise the crowd at Sea View Beach in last many years, but on Sunday, the Chief Minister Sindh during his security review visit directed to remove all blockage from roads leading Sea View and other Beaches. He said that Karachiites are responsible people and should not be stopped for any celebration at any public place.

“I had also enjoyed the festivity during my young age, so youngsters should be allowed to celebrate the eve, said CM Sindh to police officials”. He also directed to police high ups to ensure implement on section 144 as aerial firing, without silencers bikes and one wheeling will not be tolerated and take stern action against violators of the section. “People should celebrate the New Year, but they should also take care of other’s happiness too, while no one will be allowed to take advantage of the government’s decision and violate the law,” he remarked. Earlier, One-wheeling, riding silencer-less motorcycles and aerial firing will remain banned by the provincial home ministry today and on January 1, it was stated a notification issued by the provincial government on Friday.

“It has been observed that over the years New Year’s Eve is celebrated with great zeal and people resort to aerial firing and perform dangerous stunts on motorcycles, resulting in fatal accidents and casualties,” notification added. On the other side, administration of Mazar-e-Quaid has closed the entry at the mausoleum of Qaid-e-Azam due to the massive crowd at the surrounding of the mausoleum. Following the closure large number of people witnessed at the surrounding roads of Mazar-e-Qaid.

Meanwhile, heavy contingent of Police and Rangers were deployed at public places and especially Sea View beach and other beaches to control any untoward situation. The pickets of law enforcers also witnessed at the various arteries of the city. It was also witnessed that police and rangers arrested hundreds of bikers over violation of section 144 and they were charged over bike racing and one wheeling.

Karachi Commissioner Aijaz Ahmed on Sunday declared that there is no ban on gatherings and celebrations at Sea View in the city on the eve of New Year 2018.

The commissioner, however, warned that strict action would be taken against those opening aerial fire and conducting one-wheeling of bikes.

He urged Karachiites to celebrate New Year with peace and maintain law and order situation in Karachi.


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