Security guard fined $20000 for 'keeping' lost phone

The phrase "finders losers keepers weepers" was demonstrated by a security guard who was fined £20,000 after he admitted to having a lost cellular phone in his possession. Monty Coleman pleaded "guilty with explanation" to simple larceny when he appeared in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court on Friday. Coleman told the court that he was at a staff party at a Mustard Seed home when he found a Samsung Galaxy J3 Prime under a table.

Coleman said that when he found the cellular phone he removed the battery from it. "I was told that it was the boss phone but I was afraid to bring it to her, so I took it home," Coleman said, adding that he was contacted the following day and he handed over the phone. However, the prosecutor told the court that the cellular phone was placed on the table before it went missing.

He was subsequently fined £20,000 or ordered to serve three months in prison.

Coleman, who only had £3,000 in his possession, asked for time to pay the money.

Parish Judge Chester Crooks told Coleman that he will provide him with a phone call.

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