Nightclub security extortion accused to proceed with bail bid

CAPE TOWN - Controversial businessman Nafiz Modack and four others are expected to proceed with a bail application in the Cape Town magistrates court on Tuesday.Modack is facing extortion charges, along with the brother of alleged gang kingpin Jerome Booysen.The matter was postponed last week, because the investigating officer was ill.Allegations of corruption, bribery and murder were laid bare during previous court appearances.Nafiz Modack, Colin Booysen, Jacques Cronje, Ashley Fields and Carl Lakay are facing extortion charges relating to nightclub security[1].In one incident, they allegedly extorted R90,000 from a popular Cape Town restaurant.During a previous court appearance, Colonel Charl Kinnear informed the court of a recorded conversation in which Modack claims that he and his co-accused are being framed by controversial businessman Mark Lifman and alleged gang boss Jerome Booysen.Modack can allegedly be linked to numerous violent altercations at nightclubs in the city from early last year.It is believed that the men are part of a ring that is attempting to take over the city's nightclub and restaurant security.


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