Miami Cop Charged With Snorting Cocaine Inside E11even Nightclub

According to a lawsuit filed in Miami-Dade County Court, Miami Police Officer Adrian Santos was thrown out of the downtown Miami nightclub E11even in the early-morning hours of November 18, tossed into the back of a cop car, and given a drug test. He was quickly fired but claims in court he had no idea why. Today prosecutors filled in some blanks: The Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office charged Santos with cocaine possession after security cameras caught the off-duty cop snorting coke inside the popular club known for its gyrating, topless women.

“Witnesses indicated that Santos was allegedly observed with a plastic baggie containing a white, powdery substance and was observed allegedly inhaling some of the white powder,” State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle announced in a news release. “The nightclub’s surveillance video appears to support this observation.” Because E11even operates 24 hours a day in the city’s heavily trafficked downtown club district, Miami Police officers work in the area pretty much round-the-clock. Rundle’s office says the nightclub security director kicked Santos out of the club and turned him over to officers from his own department.

The city announced in a tweet that Police Chief Rodolfo Llanes is expected to host a news conference about the arrest at 2 p.m. today. “It’s an unfortunate situation when one of our officers betrays the oath they took,” the department wrote on Twitter.

It’s an unfortunate situation when one of our officers betrays the oath they took. Chief Llanes will hold a press conference at 2 P.M.

To announce the arrest of one of our officers.[1]

— Miami PD (@MiamiPD) January 9, 2018[2]

Santos sued the city December 22 in county court, alleging he was pulled out of the nightclub at 3:30 a.m. November 18 against his will, held in the back of a cop car for hours, and “forcibly” subjected to a blood test. He says he was first driven to Jackson Memorial Hospital, which refused to test him, he claims.

Santos says he was then taken to Mount Sinai Medical Center in Miami Beach, where doctors drew blood.

Every police officer who has taken an oath to enforce the law also has a duty to respect & follow the law. There are no exceptions. Today @MiamiPD & I announce the arrest of @MiamiPD Officer Adrian Santos, charged w/Possession of Cocaine while he was off-duty at local nightclub.[3][4][5]

— Kathy Rundle (@KathyFndzRundle) January 9, 2018[6]

He says he was finally transported back to police headquarters, where he was held against his will and fired that morning.

Though prosecutors say he was caught snorting cocaine on camera, Santos is suing to reverse the decision, claiming the police department never told him why he was fired. Hilariously, Santos even admits in his suit that he knows “the State of Florida is investigating this matter for potential criminal violations.” But he still wants his job back.
Jerry Iannelli is Miami New Times‘ daily-news reporter.

He graduated with honors from Temple University.

He then earned his master’s degree in journalism from Columbia University.

He moved to South Florida in 2015.


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