Lawyers for CT men accused of nightclub security extortion unhappy with delays

CAPE TOWN - The lawyers of five men accused of their involvement in Cape Town's criminal underworld are unhappy over repeated delays in the case against them.Controversial businessman Nafiz Modack, along with alleged gangster Colin Booysen and three others appeared in court on Thursday for a bail hearing.They are facing charges of extortion.The accused were arrested in December, as part of investigations into their alleged takeover of the underworld nightclub security.Everyone who entered courtroom 16 were thoroughly searched.

Officials said it was for "security reasons" ahead of the bail hearing of Nafiz Modack, Colin Booysen, Ashley Fields, Jacques Cronje and Carl Lakay.Booysen's lawyer Bruce Hendricks was not too happy about being searched three times."They say it's for security, but my bags have been through the scans and everything so I have a problem with that.

But I'll take it up with the court manager."State prosecutor Adiel Jansen has requested a postponement because the investigating officer is sick.The case has been postponed to 16 January.

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