Ex-Special Forces Soldier Launches Petition For Homeless Iranian Embassy Siege SAS Veteran

Picture Credit: Bob Curry (from Change.org petition) Former Special Forces soldier Andy McNab has launched an online petition to help find a home for a fellow SAS veteran who was hailed for his role in the Iranian Embassy siege of 1980. After serving as a sergeant in the elite force, Bob Curry claims he has been left without somewhere to live as Herefordshire County Council failed to find him housing.

The authority says he has "not provided all the documentation needed to legally register for housing", and has turned down accommodation which has been offered. Mr McNab has started a petition on Charge.org[1] calling for a suitable, permanent property to be given to Mr Curry, gathering thousands of signatures in a matter of hours. On the fundraising page Mr McNab said: "After his small business failed, this proud veteran lost his home and his way.

He is not getting the help he needs from the authorities.

"Instead he is reliant on handouts from the SAS Regimental Association who are paying for him to live in a B&B."

Mr Curry was part of the team that brought the six-day siege to an end after a group of six men stormed the embassy[2] and took 26 people hostage.

Thames News' contemporary coverage of the rescue operation:


  1. ^ McNab has started a petition on Charge.org (www.change.org)
  2. ^ six men stormed the embassy (www.forces.net)

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