Detective reveals more details of CT nightclub security extortion racket

CAPE TOWN - A top Cape Town detective is back on the stand on Wednesday, peeling back the layers of Cape Town's criminal underbelly.He's testifying in the bail application of Nafiz Modack, Colin Booysen and three others.They are facing extortion charges linked to the turf war that police believe is underway in Cape Town's clubland[1].On Tuesday, Detective Charl Kinnear told the court about an incident in Worcester on 28 November, where Nafiz Modack and 12 men allegedly robbed a businessman.

The group allegedly assaulted the man, and stole R12,000 and a firearm.They were later arrested on charges of assault, business robbery and malicious damage to property.

Kinnear says that he questioned how police dealt with this case as the accused were never even detained in holding cells, and they were released on a warning to appear in court, even though this is not allowed.Kinnear said he believes that Modack has influence over high-ranking SAPS members[2], a fact that the businessman apparently confirmed during a secretly-recorded meeting with Cape Town cluster commander Major General Jeremy Vearey.Kinnear will continue giving testimony today.


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