Defence Secretary Joins Call To Find Permanent Home For SAS Veteran

In a statement, Herefordshire council said it was continuing to work with Mr Curry to help him "secure appropriate housing".

"Unfortunately, to date the individual has not provided all the documentation needed to legally register for housing".

"However, regardless of this, the council's housing team has found and offered two different forms of accommodation, in areas which were agreeable to the individual, but which have subsequently been turned down." Mr Curry was part of the team that brought the six-day siege to an end after a group of six men stormed the embassy[1] and took 26 people hostage. The former Special Forces sergeant and Falklands veteran served with the British Army and SAS for 17 years before working as a close protection officer for Princess Diana.

The 64-year-old said he is now living in a B&B after he split up with his partner of 25 years and his business collapsed last year.

He said he was told by Herefordshire Council to fill in forms for a council house in November but is still waiting to hear if he meets the criteria, The Sun reported.


  1. ^ six men stormed the embassy (

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