CT police face grilling over nightclub security extortion racket

CAPE TOWN – The defence team for five alleged underworld figures will have a chance to grill police about their investigation into the shady nightclub security industry[1] next week.Nafiz Modack, Colin Booysen – who is the brother of alleged gang boss Jerome Booysen – and three others, are facing extortion charges.Their bail application has been postponed until next week.The men are believed to be part of a group that has allegedly been trying to violently wrest control of the nightclub security industry from an older faction.Investigating officer Charl Kinnear has wrapped up his testimony in the extortion case against Modack and four others.Some of the shocking claims that have emerged so far, include allegations that modack was meant to collect a R12 million debt on behalf of Czech fugitive Radovan Krejcir.The money was supposed to be collected from the widow of slain strip club owner Lolly Jackson and then split between the two men.It is also alleged that Modack’s co-accused Jacques Cronje and Carl Lackay apparently had ties to assassinated underworld boss Cyril Beeka.Before his murder in 2011, Beeka is believed to have controlled virtually all of the city’s nightclub security operations.Claims of a plot by Modack[2] to have controversial businessman Mark Lifman and alleged Sexy Boys leader Jerome “Donkie” Booysen killed have also come to light.The police say that Modack has aligned himself with Booysen’s brother Colin – along with three others – to instill fear in business owners they’ve been targeting.


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