CT nightclub security extortion suspects to continue bail bid

CAPE TOWN - A policeman who's been investigating an extortion case[1] against five suspected underworld figures in Cape Town will continue to testify in their bail application on Tuesday.The men include controversial businessman Nafiz Modack, and the brother of alleged gang kingpin Jerome Booysen.They are seeking bail ahead of their extortion trial.Police believe they are part of a faction that's been forcibly taking over the city's nightclub security industry from another group, sparking violence.Two days have been set aside for the continuation of the bail application of Modack, Colin Booysen and three others.During the start of the bail bid last week, Colonel Charl Kinnear took the stand.Kinnear began with a detailed explanation of how violence at nightclubs across the city has escalated in recent years.He told the court that the five accused have been instrumental in extorting thousands of rands from nightclubs and restaurants across the city for security services.In one incident, they allegedly extorted R90,000 from a popular Cape Town eatery.The policeman also claims that after a popular drinking spot in Long Street refused to pay protection money to one of the accused, one of its bouncers were stabbed to death shortly thereafter in 2015.


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