Bouncer sentenced after stamping on German football fan's head and leaving him brain damaged: recap

Lacey sentenced to SEVEN years in prison

Judge Aubrey says the offence falls within Category 1 of the sentencing guidelines. He says the sentence must be just and proportionate in all the circumstances. "One reference this court received described you and that night in this way; you were trying to protect the public and doing your job, and only wanting to diffuse a life threatening situation for you and those around you..."

Judge Aubrey says the extreme provocation meant that what happened could be seen as hving doso "in the heat of the moment." He says that Lacey kicked and stamped on the victim, who was "defenceless", causing life threatening injuries. Judge Aubrey says Mr Tucker had "simply got caught up in the incident."

But Judge Aubrey says: "Once you had the opportunity to cool down what did you say? 'Me and other stamped all over these kids heads, we murdered the little rats head, I hope he dies, he deserves it." "The words you uttered were described by your counsel as uncaring and insensitive. There is however perhaps a more appropriate word, and that is chilling."

He reminds the court that Lacey was "distressed" during his police interview. JA: "That which is contained within those Whatsapp messages is the antithesis of a simple analysis of that footage whereby you were under extreme provocation, and the court takes all those factors into consideration." Judge Aubrey says Lacey will be given 25% reduction in his sentence for his guilty pleas.

He repeats that Lacey is a man of hereto impeccable good character. He confirms that he doesn not find Lacey to be 'dangerous' under sentencing guidelines. Judge Aubrey says Lacey will not serve consecutive sentences for the attacks on Mr Richter-Gemer and Mr Tucker.

Lacey is asked to stand up, he will now learn his sentence. LACEY IS SENTENCE TO 7 YEARS IN PRISON FOR GBH He will serve half of that behind bars before being released on licence.

Lacey nods at his family in the public gallery before being led to the cells. Lacey's partner and family break down in tears in the public gallery and are escorted out of court. Judge Aubrey indicated that had Lacey pleaded not guilty and been convicted after trial the sentence would have been 10 years.

He reduced the sentence further to reflect the strong personal mitigation and the guilty plea.

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