Area plumber talks winter protection

As the temperatures continues to drop in Faulkner County, plumbers are seeing an increase in house calls regarding weather-related incidents at homes in the area. Salter Plumbing’s Alex Roasles spoke with the Log Cabin Democrat to give the community practical tips to protect their homes against any damage this winter season. Roasles said there are a number of things that property owners need to do to protect their homes this time of year including leaving both the hot and cold water faucets running closing any crawlspace vents to prevent wind entering, insulating outside faucets and winterizing all fixtures if someone is leaving a house vacant for a long amount of time.

He said people also often overlook disconnecting outside hoses from the wall spigot, which during the winter is dangerous because water inside will freeze, expand and either ruin the hose or the valve. In addition to the faucet precautions, Roasles said it’s a good idea to make sure any dripping water isn’t left stagnant to overflow but is draining as well to prevent any type of possible water damage or run over. He said he was called out to a house the other day where a resident left for two or three days and his neighbors noticed water leaking out the back door; turns out a water line has frozen in the attic.

“[It] ruined everything in the kitchen and living room,” Roasles said. He said if someone goes on a trip, it’s always a good idea to have someone keep an eye on everything. Roasles said another recent call he attended was for a bank which had plumbing close to an outside wall; the pipes burst from the cold weather.

Making sure property is protected, he said, is so important he advises people to hook up a little space heater in any cold rooms if need be. “It can’t hurt,” Roasles said. He said if someone in the community has any questions, he also advises calling them — or the homeowner’s regular plumber — regarding any questions or home inspections before a crisis, especially because so many people choose to do things themselves these days.

Roasles said planning ahead and doing things right make cost someone a little bit up front, it will end up saving them in the long run. He said the other day he saw an insurance claim priced around £40,000-£50,000. “It’s better to be save than sorry,” Roasles said. “It can be very extensive.

It’s a pretty big deal.

I think it’s very important for people to take care of their property.”

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