Watch: Is it time to replace your analogue cameras with IP CCTV?

CCTV advice Is there still room in the digital age for analogue surveillance cameras? Is there a compelling reason to replace them with IP CCTV cameras or is it simply not worth the outlay just for the sake of going digital? Watch the video below to find out what CCTV consultant Simon Lambert thinks about the subject.

Below that is a transcript if you prefer to read his comments. embedded content Analogue cameras, certainly in the UK, are still there by the million. Some of them are very old, some of them are quite new but there are nonetheless many people asking consultants for advice on whether they should keep their analogue cameras, even install new ones or whether they should replace them. Now everybody s situation I different we advise them on an individual basis. But I think long term support from manufacturers and replacements for equipment that fails in the analogue world is going to get more and more rare. So if you need your system to have a long life, I can t really see that analogue s the way to go purely because manufacturer support is naturally dwindling. That s the way it s going. That s not to say that an analogue camera can t do the job it can. Because when we design a system, if you get the right level of detail, on the right area, with all of the clarity that picture needs it doesn t matter if it s an analogue camera or not.

If it s doing the purpose intended, who cares if it s analogue or digital? So if it s carefully designed, analogue s fine. From a long term support point of view, I think analogue is just going to fade into history.

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