Watch: iPhone X Facial ID fooled within week of launch by 10-year old boy

Facial recognition Cybersecurity researchers have found an ingenious way to fool Apple s Face ID just a week after the launch of the iPhone X. More embarrassing still for the tech giant, a 10-year old boy has found a way round the security check. Replacing Touch ID, Face ID makes authentication more convenient for users who only have to look at their phone.

The new feature uses infrared light to map users faces and unlock the phone when the owner s face hoves into view. Watch our video below for more details. embedded content Free Download: Security sector insights in the age of terror and the cyber-attack This round-up of articles, which distills several presentations from IFSEC 2017 to their key tips and insights, focuses on counter-terror and cybersecurity especially regarding physical security systems as well as drones, access control trends and CCTV procurement. Click here to download now Related Topics Facial recognition needn t infringe our privacy as the CCTV commissioner fears. Quite the opposite if we get the tech right A window to more than the soul?

AI research raises troubling questions about privacy, profiling and wrongful arrest Deep-learning algorithms, biometric passports and anti-drone technology helping to drive airport revolution

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