Illegal streaming devices pose a serious fire risk, product testing shows

KODI BOXES Illegal streaming devices flooding the UK market pose a serious fire risk, a series of product tests has revealed. None of the devices tested as part of a joint initiative between FACT (Federation Against Copyright Theft) and Electrical Safety First had been supplied, designed or manufactured in accordance with key safety principles Schedule 1 of the Electrical Equipment (Safety) Regulations 1994. The Intellectual Property Office (IPO) estimates that more than one million of these illegal devices have been sold in the UK in the last two years.

This year consumers thinking about buying an illegal streaming device for Christmas need to know that by plugging them into their TV they could be potentially be putting themselves, their home and their family at risk, said Steve Curtler, product safety manager at Electrical Safety First. Not only are these devices breaking the law, but they could be putting your loved ones at risk. Steve Curtler, Electrical Safety First We urge anyone with one of these devices to unplug it and stop using it immediately. Not only are these devices breaking the law, but they could be putting your loved ones at risk. In June, the EU issued a recall notice for a Chinese-made Kodi box a type of device used to stream content often illegally onto TVs and other media devices. Owners of the OTT TV Box 4K (pictured below) were urged to stop using the device, whose power supply units don t comply with Europe s Low Voltage Directive. This means that touching live components is potentially highly dangerous. The fact that so many illegal streaming devices have all failed to meet UK safety standards is shocking, said Kieron Sharp, director general of FACT UK. Alongside the risks of exposing your home network to damaging malware and your children to inappropriate content, it should now be clear that the dangers these illegal devices pose far outweigh any benefit of buying them.

We believe hundreds of thousands of illicit streaming devices were sold between Black Friday and Christmas last year. This year, if you want to safely and reliably enjoy premium sports, TV or films go directly to the official provider. Modified, fully-loaded IPTV boxes are unequivocally in breach of UK and EU law. One seller of Kodi boxes was sentenced to an 18-month prison term, while the European Court of Justice ruled that anyone using such devices to watch or stream copyrighted content is breaking the law. Westminster Trading Standards recently seized more than 40 illegal streaming devices during a raid in July. Electrical Safety First and FACT have issued the following advice to help you ascertain whether a product is safe: Markings. Look for the manufacturers brand name or logo, model and batch mark number. Check for a CE mark and whether the output voltage and current ratings marked on the charge match your electrical device. Pin plugs.

That they plug in easily to the socket and there is at least 9.5mm between the edge of the pins and the edge of the charger. Warnings and instructions. Does it have all necessary instructions for use and adequate warnings? Electrical Safety First has provided more information around the electrical safety of IPTV boxes on its website. Webinar: Hush Those False Alarms Fire protection in HMOs, flats, and apartments is making the headlines for all the wrong reasons at the moment. This CPD-certified webinar provides an overview of the current solutions available for reducing false alarms specifically in HMOs. Join C-TEC on Wednesday 22 November between 11 am-12 pm to see some of the solutions available which includes using mixed, conventional and hush systems .

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