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Leave Door Supervision to the Experts

When you need the assistance of reliable security guards, turn to a security company with more than 10 years of experience in the profession. Otherwise, the safety of your venue could be compromised by inferior agents.Based in London, B-Secured draws upon a veritable wealth of experience to carry out peerless door supervision services.

Nightclubs, bars, pubs, and venues in possession of late-night alcohol licences all rely upon the exceptional door supervision services we provide. Scaling our protection to the needs of our clients, we distribute our impeccable staff to accommodate the scope and nature of their requests.

Door Supervision   B Secured Door Supervision   B Secured

Tailored to your needs

Meeting with our customers, our approachable team will discuss rates and contracts before commencing an initial trial period. Demonstrating our abilities throughout this trial, we will work to ensure our clients are ecstatic with the standard of our assistance. Once the trial period has ended, we will establish a contractual agreement with the client in order to provide regular door supervision.

Any supplementary days not covered in the contract are available at an additional, negotiable price.

Best-in-Class Staff

In order to cater to each business, we maintain a large team of staff. However, our employment standards are rigorously strict, meaning we make only the greatest security professionals available to assist you. As with the close protection services we offer, we work to understand the personalities of our highly qualified, experienced, and meticulously trained staff. As a result, we re able to deploy door supervisors who are most suitable for the event in question.

Constant Communication

Maintaining a healthy relationship with clients is our foremost consideration. Rather than simply providing you with a service, we aim to make you feel like a part of the team.

Reaching out to our customers, we collect client feedback in order to continuously improve our protection.

Fully compliant with regulations and affordably priced, our door supervision services are truly matchless.

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