6 ways in which police drones are being deployed by US law enforcement

infographic This infographic reveals the staggering rise in police drone use by US law enforcement. Mainly focusing on the range of applications for which they are being deployed, it also examines popular drone models and drone surveillance cameras among US police. Thanks to Dronefly , the online drone retailer, for letting us publish this.

Dronefly, a division of Neat Brands LLC, is a leading distributor in commercial drones providing sales, support, and repair services. Dronefly is an authorised enterprise dealer for DJI drones and FLIR thermal cameras. Free Download: The security drones report 2017 The global security drones market will be worth $10.5bn ( 8bn) by 2020 . This report commissioned by Aviat Drones examines the prevalence, growth prospects , applications and regulatory challenges of drones and anti-drone tech in the global security market. Find out how you can benefit from this lucrative market .

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