Videx launches MiAccess offline system for smaller installations

Mifare access control Videx has launched a standalone proximity access control system. Called MiAccess, it is pitched at smaller installations and a wide range of building types with single or multiple entrances. Sectors/verticals Everything from offices to residential homes, caravan parks and small hotels.

Features No need to route cables around a building, cutting installation cost and time Free software (PROA-MS for access control and PROH-MS for hotels and guest houses) permits configuration of multiple access levels and user rights stored on Mifare cards with reports available Multiple sites can be managed from same software All access points can be controlled from your PC. Read/write Mifare cards transfer data to and from readers when required. Alternatively, data can be transferred via USB port on each reader. Systems require only one or more Mifare proximity readers, management software, Mifare cards and a USB desktop reader for enrollment Optional exit push button with a built-in remote relay is available for higher security installations Readers available in surface silver or black finish and in flush white, silver or grey finish Videx says The beauty of MiAccess is that it can be part of a multiple entrance (80 maximum) system without the need to cable between devices, said Steve Natton, special projects manager at Videx. This means that it s extremely easy to install and very cost-effective too, ideal for smaller installations saving installation time while still maintaining system flexibility. This is a complete user-friendly and competitive access control solution. It s perfect for sites where an online solution cannot be used due to cable restraints, or when a network system is simply not needed. The installation is much easier because the only cabling requirements are to the lock release mechanism and a power supply. About Videx More than three decades in the industry, Videx has been manufacturing door-entry and access-control solutions since 1985.

Videx, whose clients come from a wide range of sectors in both public and private arenas, says it draws great pride from its research and development, after-sales service and technical support functions.

The London and Newcastle-based company is also a Secure by Design Door Entry & Access Control Member Company with a plethora of products tested to STS202 B R2 Level of Burglary Resistance.

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