IDIS promises dramatic savings in bandwidth/storage needs with compact DR-1204P

NVR launch IDIS has launched a compact four-channel NVR that the South Korean surveillance brand says will deliver huge savings on bandwidth and storage. DR-1204P, which fits integrates into the end-to-end DirectIP solution, offers a low total cost of ownership to end users and wider margins for installers, says IDIS. Features Supports up to 5MP high definition (HD) recording One month s footage retention IDIS Intelligent Codec reduces bandwidth and storage needs (and costs) Storage and bandwidth needs are cut further still during motion adaptive transmission (MAT) , which can be activated where there is little to no motion and during out of hours operation Equipped with cost-free video management software (VMS), IDIS Center and mobile apps so no licensing costs or ongoing service or maintenance fees Further IDIS NVRs and cameras can be added at any point, so the system is scalable Customers can manage multiple locations in one application, IDIS Center, and remotely monitor 24/7 with live HD view via smartphones or tablets embedded content IDIS says The DirectIP DR-1204P 4-channel Full HD Recorder is the embodiment of the IDIS longstanding commitment to meeting any surveillance need, of any size , said Dr Peter Kim, Senior Director at IDIS.

Ideally suited for small and medium-sized environments the small form factor and low-noise operation make it compatible with even residential settings the DR-1204P provides a powerfully efficient, truly plug-and-play way to gain the full complement of features and benefits offered by IDIS s award-winning DirectIP technology, without the costs and complications of an overdesigned solution for a limited need. The benefits of the smaller DR-1204P accrue throughout the security buying chain. For integrators and installers, it s crucial that smaller projects, such as 4-camera installations, take minimal time for installation and configuration, in order to maximise margin. The incorporation of DirectIP s simplicity and true plug-and-play technology (with auto recognition and configuration) ensures this. For end users, the benefits are even more pronounced. The DirectIP DR-1204 is simple to use and easy to operate with an exceptionally low total cost of ownership including the inclusion of IDIS s powerful IDIS Center VMS free of charges, licensing fees, or maintenance costs. And the fully scalable DR-1204 supports end-user growth, capable of incorporating any number of configuration of IDIS DirectCX and DirectIP technologies, including powerful IDIS Super Fisheye cameras with dual-side dewarping. About IDIS IDIS designs, develops, manufactures, and delivers surveillance solutions for a wide range of sectors, both public and private. Headquartered near Seoul, the company is the biggest surveillance brand in South Korea and now operates across 50 countries and has forged 100 plus strategic partnerships.

IDIS, which accounts for more than two million recorders installed worldwide and over 16.5 million cameras, is perhaps best known for its plug-and-play, end to end DirectIP solution. Free download: The video surveillance report 2017 Sponsored by IDIS The Video Surveillance Report 2017 covers all things video surveillance based on a poll of hundreds of security professionals. Specifically looking at topics such as open platforms, 4K, low-light cameras, video analytics, warranties and this year due to the growing threat posed, the cybersecurity landscape.

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