CCTV is no longer a deterrent

UK crime rates are at their highest for a decade, with domestic burglary up by 21% to 235,335 offences, according to new Home Office figures. With break-ins increasingly commonplace, it s vital that we efficiently secure our commercial and residential premises. Perimeter alarms are a highly effective form of physical security, acting as a first line of defence against intruders by sounding an alarm before a perpetrator can reach the premises.

It comes in several forms. Fence protection Fence protection systems, which can include a sensor attached to a fence, detect any unauthorised attempts to cross a boundary. The sensor line can also be easily adjusted to the required length of the barrier. Vitally, the sensors and lines are discreet and non-aggressive, meaning they can be placed along the length of a perimeter without becoming an eyesore. But many such alarms can be oversensitive. Weather conditions and small animals can trigger nuisance alarms. However, there are sensors which recognise motion caused by an attempt to climb over the barrier, while disregarding other triggers. These alarm systems use three layers of alarm filtration: Algorithm of detection Levels of sensitivity set on board with dip-switches And automatic weather compensation unit, whereby the true alarm will sound All too often, people have become reliant on using CCTV as the only form of perimeter security, whereby costly damage will occur, limited footage is captured of a break-in but is then insufficient as evidence Certain sensors arrive in kit configuration design for easy installation, configuration and maintenance. The sensor can be installed on various infrastructures so there is no need to replace or change the structures on site.

Furthermore, there are fence-mounted technologies which can be installed in areas with high vegetation, meaning there is no need to clear sights, like with IR beams or cameras. They are therefore perfectly suited for businesses and residential security markets, as they can be easily and fully integrated with the alarm panels, while complementing CCTV. Buried sensors Buried seismic detectors can be integrated with existing security or alarm systems. Sensor kits are installed underground and recognise footsteps and vehicle movements. Underground installation means the system cannot be detected by intruders and does not compromise aesthetics. What s more, the inconspicuous nature of the alarm system means it cannot be bypassed or sabotaged. It is also resistant to extreme environmental conditions and can work in a wide variety of terrains with no interference. RBtec is a world-leader of this type of system with many thousands of installations across the globe. With the considerable rise in break-ins over the last decade across the UK, Safe Security Solutions decided there was no room to be complacent when it comes to the security of our customers premises.

All too often, people have become reliant on using CCTV as the only form of perimeter security, whereby costly damage will occur, limited footage is captured of a break-in but is then insufficient as evidence. CCTV is no longer a deterrent to a would-be thief, as CCTV cameras have become a part of our daily lives. By the time an alarm sounds from within the building, it can often be too late and the perpetrator will have left with valuable items from inside. Implementing perimeter protection systems provides a front-line barrier, which means action can be taken before the perpetrator is able to reach the building. Installing these cost-effective systems would undoubtedly deter thieves and contribute towards reducing crime rates on these types of premises. With fewer attempted break-ins, our customers can then keep their annual insurances to an absolute minimum. The potential savings over a number of years will effectively pay for the system many times over. Free Download: Securing the UK s borders. Getting national security and Brexit right first time is crucial , we do not want to get this wrong.

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