Bull Products to give Fire 360 customers detailed risk report

Construction industry Users of the Fire 360 service from Bull Products will now receive a detailed risk report that explores potential risks and hazards ahead of work on construction sites. Launched at the tail end of 2016, fire 360 is a 12-step plan designed to equip companies with an comprehensive fire strategy. The report considers the risks associated with a construction site s location, whether it s a listed building, number of storeys, and the level of overnight security.

Based on data gathered by the Fire Protection Association s Business and Property Protection Portal, the 20-page report assesses the risk of fires and floods, as well as the average costs to businesses if those risks are realised. The report also covers average response time for emergency services to arrive on site and prevalence of robberies and incidents entailing criminal damage within that particular postcode. Product guidelines are included to help businesses ensure they have the correct equipment on site. Before work is carried out on any construction site, there are a number of potential risks which can affect the health and safety of workers, and the general public, said Bradley Markham, director at Bull Products. Our risk report system will ensure companies have the right fire protection equipment in place so that they are prepared for any given situation during the construction phase.

We re delighted to have developed our Fire 360 service, which includes the risk reporting to ensure our customers have everything they need to protect their site and ensure safety remains a top priority.

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