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IFseC 2017 IFSEC Global asked the BSIA and Defence and Security Organisation (DSO) to answer some questions about their presence at IFSEC 2017. The Small Business Advisers from the Defence and Security Organisation (DSO) within the Department for International Trade (DIT) are in the DIT area of the BSIA Business Lounge to provide advice and support to UK companies seeking to export in the defence and security markets. They will highlight the various services and capabilities that DSO can offer and can put you in touch with various market, sector or military experts, as well as providing links to wider DIT.

They can also explain how DSO could help SMEs to enter these markets through its links with various UK prime companies and trade associations. IFSEC International runs between 20-22 June 2017 at London ExCeL. Visit the DIT area of the BSIA Business Lounge for exporting advice. Get your free badge now. IFSEC Global: What does BSIA and DSO offer the UK security sector? BSIA: As a Trade Challenge Partner (TCP) the BSIA is committed to helping the UK security sector export its products and services into the international markets. We work closely with the Department for International Trade (DIT) to promote the UK brand and as a TCP facilitate UK Pavilions in security exhibitions to showcase the industry s innovation, quality and experience. DSO: The Defence and Security Organisation, now part of the Department for International Trade, offers advice and assistance to the UK security sector to help them achieve export success. It has overall responsibility for promoting UK trade across the world, and attracting foreign investment to the UK.

The Organisation works with companies to help them export their security capabilities supported by closer working with the Home Office and other Government Departments. IG: What will DSO and BSIA be prioritising at IFSEC 2017? BSIA: As the premier exhibition for the security industry here in the UK, the BSIA hosts the international visitors lounge, bringing together international visitors and UK companies looking to develop partnerships. Working alongside UBM, the BSIA lounge offers visitors and exhibitors alike the opportunity to meet in an informal and relaxed environment to discuss opportunities and build relationships. DSO: The Defence and Security Organisation aims to get as many defence and security companies as possible exporting, and to achieve this, will be attending IFSEC to provide advice and guidance to security companies who wish to export. Available in the DIT area of the BSIA lounge, representatives of DSO s Small Business Unit will be able to provide specific advice to Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) on how to market security products. They can also provide details of events and activities they run aimed at introducing small companies to UK and overseas prime contractors. IG: What (export) support does DSO and BSIA offer to the UK security sector? BSIA: As a TCP the BSIA can draw down Tradeshow Access Partner (TAP) funding, allowing exhibitors in the UK Pavilion at international exhibitions the opportunity to claim up to 2,500 to offset the cost of exhibiting.

In addition, the BSIA will assist in designing and building stands and be onsite to help ensure exhibitors have a successful event. DSO: In addition to DSO s Small Business Unit providing advice to SMEs, DSO has a number of desk officers who have developed country expertise and well as active overseas engagements with foreign governments, politicians and officials. There are also two dedicated security specialists who can provide expert specialist export advice and practical assistance to security companies, and we also have in country police and security experts in some key markets who provide that vital on the ground intelligence. DSO also has a dedicated Events Team (a member of which will be at IFSEC) who can offer advice to companies on how to exhibit as part of a DIT DSO organised UK Pavilion. IG: What do you both see as the principal challenges for the UK security sector in 2017 and beyond? BSIA: The recent horrific terrorism events in the UK, France and Belgium have served as a wake-up call for businesses worldwide. This has resulted in organisations reviewing their physical and electronic security as well as tightening their security processes. More is now expected from the security they procure and the security solutions they already have in place, to enable businesses to stay ahead of the criminal fraternity and protect individuals and assets. This acts not only as a challenge for the UK sector but more importantly presents a real opportunity.

Being part of a UK Pavilion can help new exporters to dip their toe in the water before they fully commit to any given market. BSIA DSO: National security is the first priority of HMG, and being able to respond quickly to new and emerging threats and develop the technologies to counter them is the key challenge for the UK security sector. The UK has a strong and proud tradition in security innovation and that is due to its creative, dynamic and innovative SME Community, and it is due to our reputation as a world leader in manufacturing and services that other countries look to us to meet their capability requirements. IG: In your views how will the prospect of Brexit impact on the UK security sector? BSIA: The decision to leave the EU has created uncertainty for the UK. However, organisations should seize the opportunity to boost their global competitiveness by investing now in successful sector-based exporting strategies, focusing on the security industry s strengths of innovation, quality and experience. This will ensure the sector is best prepared for any global challenge it might face in the years ahead. DSO: We can not predict how Brexit will impact the UK security sector. But we can say that the Department for Exiting the European Union is leading on the negotiations for our departure and will ensure we get the best possible deal for the UK.

In the meantime, the UK is clear in its message to businesses and our international partners: We are open for business. IG: What key areas do UK security companies need to consider when embarking on export? BSIA: Exporting can be an unnerving experience for some companies. However, it is worth the effort. Exporting brings many benefits for UK businesses, not least of all increasing an organisation s sales revenue but also allowing companies to diversify their markets meaning that they become less dependent on any single market for sales. Being part of a UK Pavilion can help new exporters to dip their toe in the water before they fully commit to any given market. It also allows new exporters learn from more experienced companies who are part of the pavilion. Remember, there is a lot of advice available to companies; DiT, Trade Associations and Chambers of Commerce all offer advice and guidance on overseas markets to minimalise any risks. DSO: There is a wealth of information available on the DIT/Exporting is Great website to help companies export their products from those new to exporting and the occasional exporter to companies that regularly sell overseas.

Issues to consider include shipping and logistics, financial assistance, rules, regulations and restrictions, export opportunities and all these issues play a part in determining whether companies should export and if so, likely markets. IG: What key territories does DSO and BSIA recommend the UK exporting manufacturers consider? BSIA: Each year the BSIA conducts research on its members target markets. UAE, ASEAN and Europe are all key territories for its members. However, there are some interesting developments with other markets such as India and the USA becoming more attractive to UK security exporters. The BSIA has a list of shows it s facilitating or considering facilitating a UK Pavilion at. These include: IFSEC SE Asia IFSEC India Intersec Dubai Intersec Saudi ISC West DSO: There are numerous markets for security exports DSO can provide advice on the landscape of opportunities, which often depend on the nature of products. IG: How can interested IFSEC exhibitors engage with BSIA and DSO at IFSEC 2017? BSIA: The BSIA is exhibiting at IFSEC 2017 alongside DSO, and its staff are on hand to provide advice and guidance to exhibitors and visitors to the show.

DSO: Members of DSO will be attending IFSEC and will be available to speak to companies who wish to export. IFSEC International runs between 20-22 June 2017 at London ExCeL. Get your free badge now. Visit Europe s leading security event in June 2017 Visit IFSEC International for exclusive access to every security product on the market, live product demonstrations and networking with thousands of security professionals. From access control and video surveillance to smart buildings, cyber, border control and so much more. It is the perfect way to keep up to date, protect your business and enhance your career in the security industry. Click here to register your place now to join us at London Excel on 20 22 June 2017.

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