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Security Guard Jobs Overview

Security guards are a vital part of many organisations, whether the job involves looking after individuals, property, premises, or handling public safety at events. Security personnel need to be reliable, honest, discreet, and able to work on their own just as well as they do as part of a team. Depending on the position, people skills can be very important, although with some security guard jobs, the ability to work effectively in solitary conditions can also be important. Security guards should also remain calm under pressure, and be able to deal with the unexpected or unusual just as easily as they do in everyday situations.

Security Guard Jobs Education Requirements

Applicants for security guard vacancies do not need any formal or academic qualifications, although an overall good standard of general education is usually helpful. Previous related experience, such as having had various kinds of police jobs1 or military jobs2, is also highly desirable. Most security guard jobs set in an industrial environment call for a Security Industry Authority licence, which is awarded after completing the relevant training. Most jobs will also require a criminal background check to be carried out, although having minor convictions is not necessarily an obstacle to working in this field.

Security Guard Jobs Market

There is a wide array of security jobs out there, with duties ranging from patrolling premises to monitoring CCTV, and employers ranging from small local businesses to global corporations, so there is usually plenty of opportunity for work in this sector. Although most people assume security guards will be male, dependable female operatives are also in high demand, particularly in positions dealing with public safety, crowd control, or where children and female safety is a concern.

Security Guard Jobs Salary Information

Starting salaries for security guard vacancies are usually between 12,000 and 15,000, and they can rise to 20,000, depending on experience. Hours are generally longer than average, with a typical working week consisting of 48 hours, and shift work is extremely common, including unsociable hours.


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