Aviat Drones: We re pioneers no one else in the UK is doing what we do

Aviat Drones is a UK-based aerial platform supplier specialising in operating a variety of drones for a range of security applications, including long-range tracking and observation, thermal vision, crowded areas and night operations. Assisted by experts in the aviation, security and photography/film sectors they also offer bespoke solutions to clients based in the UK and internationally. Exhibiting at IFSEC International 2017 for the first time, the company s head of security services, Rob Kidner, gave us an insight into what we can expect to see on their stand.

Aviat Drones recently put together a trend report on the global security drones market with IFSEC Global. IFSEC Global: What products are you planning to showcase at IFSEC? Rob Kidner: We will be showcasing our long-range UAV on the stand. We will not be able to demo this in the Drone Zone for obvious reasons, but will have a screen on the stand with footage of capabilities and a brochure. We will also be displaying a range of smaller drones for different applications including different camera options for various applications. These will be displayed in the Drone Zone. IG: Who are you hoping to meet? Why should they visit your stand? RK: We are hoping to meet individuals such as heads of security essentially persons in a position to make decisions.

But also anyone who would have an interest in the services we offer for now or in the future. This exercise is about exposure and networking for us, and in our experience, sometimes a contact who initially shows little interest can turn into a client. IG: What is your USP? What sets you apart from your competitors? RK: We are offering a drone service that will fly for 20 plus hours without refuelling. To our knowledge, no other company is doing this in the UK and we are the first. We have also have carried out a trend survey, resulting in The drone report 2017 , which details the market for us.

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