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Whether you are seeking security consultancy from an individual basis or for corporate purposes, this section is designed to help you find the most appropriate independent security consultants and specialists to suit your requirements.

Registered Independent Security Consultants

You can be rest assured that all security consultants found through this process will be vetted members of the Association of Security Consultants and will hold Registered Independent Security Consultant status, will be both professional and truly independent.

How to find your professional security specialist?

Please search the list below and select a consultancy service requirement.

If you have not seen the criteria that you are seeking or need more alternatives, please click the link Glossary of Terms1 for a more in-depth list of security disciplines and simply cut and paste your choices into the search box.

Once your list of security specialists is displayed, simply click on the name shown to see a detailed profile.


  1. ^ Glossary of Terms (

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