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    hill wilson says:

    A door supervisor is basically a security guard with more options to work in the security industry. Security guards cannot work where alchohol is being served whereas door supervisors can. In short there are more job oppurtunities for door supervisors. I myself am a Door supervisor and I did my training from the largest SIA training company in UK called first line security LTD. They helped me with everything from start to finish till I got my current job. Visit their website for more details

  • Door supervisors, sometimes known as door stewards or bouncers, are responsible for the security of customers and staff in pubs, bars, nightclubs (and other licensed premises) and public events. They keep order and make sure that people are safe.

    As a door supervisor, one of your main duties would be to check the suitability of people coming into the venue. This could include checking that the person is not underage or carrying any harmful substances or objects, such as drugs or weapons. You would take responsibility for refusing entry to anyone you considered unacceptable.

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