UK PI – UK Private Investigation Ltd.

UK PI - UK Private Investigation Ltd.


The key to any private Investigation is surveillance. At UK Private Investigation our operatives are all trained to the highest standard. Years of experience and on-going support means we deliver results. Clean, fast and on budget.

UK PI - UK Private Investigation Ltd.


Try your own trace on the Help At Hand page. Simple? Not by any means. We use several paid and unpaid sites to get a result. Our Operatives have the IT skills and knowledge to do a deep search.

UK PI - UK Private Investigation Ltd.

Neighbourhood Check

The flagship of UK private Investigation is neighbourhood check. We are proud to offer, for the first time, a helping hand to all that are looking to move home. Go to our sister site to learn more. It is in your best interests.

UK PI - UK Private Investigation Ltd.

Teen Concern

Our Sons and Daughters are so precious to us and when they are in their teen years, they are vulnerable to many outside influences. Let us help you with peace of mind and give you the evidence required to protect them.

UK PI - UK Private Investigation Ltd.

Criminal Investigation

Due to Police cuts, they just don t have the resources to investigate minor crimes. If you have had a criminal act against you, you deserve justice. We will investigate and collate any evidence, hand it over to the police so they can prosecute.

UK PI - UK Private Investigation Ltd.


UK Private Investigation not only do private investigations. We are trained in Process Serving, Road Traffic Collisions and Personal Injury amongst many other Legal Investigations.

At UK Private Investigation, we offer a service that is affordable, meeting all budgets and individual requirements and no additional services will ever be performed without your prior approval or request. Our investigators operate 24/7 and can be available to discuss your requirements at any time that suits you. Our investigators will take you through the entire step by step investigative process and analysis and endeavour to ensure you feel at ease and confident throughout. We will work with you to obtain all the fine detail in order to build a credible subject profile on the individual concerned. Furthermore, we will advise you on an informed course of action to suit your personnel situation and needs. UK PI - UK Private Investigation Ltd.

UK PI - UK Private Investigation Ltd.

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