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Elite Security Group provides tailor made security solutions for a number of Clients, from a variety of industries, each having a varied and wide ranging requirements. Security Guarding can be easily defined as both a preventative and visual deterrent against a) the unauthorised access or occupation of premises or property, and b) the theft, damage or destruction of property being guarded. However, there are some very specialised areas of expertise. For example, the operation of a security function within a Shopping Centre is enormously different to that of a single Office Building wanting an out of hours presence. Not only are the physical requirements different, but the wider training requirements will also change. For example, those officers with regular contact with the public may require First Aid Training or Defibrillator training.

The following tabs provide an outline indication on how we address the different security requirements of Clients. There is no one-size-fits-all. Indeed, whilst you could assemble a generic profile for any security provision, the Client will always have very specific and often detailed requirements specific to their site. Naturally we would welcome the opportunity to discuss your own requirements.

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