The smart buildings report 2017: installed base, benefits and challenges, cyber threat and barriers to adoption

The Smart Buildings Report 2017: Installed Base, Benefits And Challenges, Cyber Threat And Barriers To Adoption

IFSEC Global recently polled hundreds of professionals involved in the building supply chain and management of commercial premises to understand the changing smart building landscape. You can now discover the fascinating results by downloading this report. Simply complete the short form and the report will download automatically.

The report yields insights like: Half of those surveyed said they classified their building systems as smart Of those who did not regard their building systems as smart , 46% said that they expected smart functionality to be introduced within the next 12-24 months Of those who did classify their building as smart, 70% felt that there was room for improvement Solving issues related to data privacy, security and interoperability of devices with wireless protocols is the key to surpassing the smart building industry s IoT expectations. Frost & Sullivan With the internet of thing gaining traction by the day, remarkable advances are being made in the world of building control. Truly smart buildings and defining what that actually means accounts for one of the report s chapter can now make a measurable difference to a company s culture, environmental footprint and bottom line. The smart buildings report 2017 includes the following chapters: What exactly is the difference between intelligent and smart ? It s all about data and analytics Installed based and perceived benefits Challenges/barriers to adoption Cyber security Conclusion To download the The smart buildings report 2017 , simply complete the short form and a PDF will download automatically.

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