Hanwha Techwin s MD on the most powerful DSP chipset ever and exacting password standards to ward off hackers

Hanwha Techwin  S MD On The  Most Powerful DSP Chipset Ever  And Exacting Password Standards To Ward Off Hackers

Hanwha Techwin Europe MD Bob (H.Y.) Hwang Ph.D reflects on an eventful year for the company that began 2016 as Samsung Techwin, as well as setting out 2017 priorities around cyber security and upcoming product launches. IFSEC Global: Bob, what would you say is your most significant achievement during 2016? Bob Hwang: Despite fierce competition, we have continued to increase our share of the market and build on the excellent relationships we have with installers and systems integrators, as well as with our business and technology partners.

We are proud to have done so whilst at the same time rebranding our company name from Samsung Techwin to Hanwha Techwin. IG: To what would you attribute this success? BH: We ve continued to lead the market with the introduction of affordable and innovative video surveillance solutions such as our high definition open platform Samsung Wisenet-branded cameras, which are assisting installers and systems integrators to generate new business opportunities beyond the traditional security sector. The power of the DSP chipsets built into the latest generation of Samsung Wisenet branded cameras has provided opportunities to run on-board Apps which deliver additional real-life practical benefits. With these open platform cameras, end-users have the freedom and flexibility to choose edge based video analytics which best matches their individual requirements. IG: What products did you launch last year? BH: Our WiseNet HD+ camera and DVR range have been very popular with end-users who would like to benefit from being able to capture and record Full HD 1080p images, but are not yet ready to migrate from analogue to an IP network based video surveillance solution. There has also been much interest shown in our updated version of Smart Security Manager (SSM) Enterprise video management software. This powerful software platform is designed to maximise the efficiency of Wisenet IP network cameras, recording devices and servers, whilst facilitating integration with third party systems such as intruder alarms, fire detection, Access Control and ANPR (vehicle number plate recognition), to offer a fully integrated security system.

The most significant product developments for us during 2016 has been the launch of our new Wisenet Q series with Full HD 2MP and 4MP cameras, as well as Wisenet P 4K (12MP) cameras. These all feature H.265 compression and WiseStream, a complementary compression technology, unique to Hanwha Techwin, which dynamically controls encoding, balancing quality and compression according to movement in the image. When WiseStream is combined with H.265 compression, bandwidth efficiency is improved by up to 75% compared to current H.264 technology. As a result, our Wisenet P and Wisenet Q cameras are among the most bandwidth friendly cameras available. IG: Has there been any significant challenges in changing your company name, bearing in mind that the Samsung Techwin brand was so well established? BH: We appreciated the familiarity the market had with the Samsung name and the trust they placed in it, and so we knew that the transition had to be carefully managed with our customers being kept informed every step of the way. In reality, on a day-to-day basis customers will have noticed very little difference because nothing has fundamentally changed. Our products are being designed and produced by the same talented people in the same factories as they have always been. The products are being sold and technically supported by the same enthusiastic, professional pre- and post-sales teams as before.

IG: What has been the impact of having a new parent company? BH: For those of us working within the Hanwha Techwin Europe team, it has been a fantastic development. The Hanwha Group totally supports our strategy of endeavouring to stand out in an overcrowded, competitive market by having a brand that can be trusted. The Hanwha Group understands what it takes to succeed in the B2B arena and we have been re-energised by its enthusiasm for what we are trying to achieve. IG: You have mentioned trust several times. Can you explain what trust means to Hanwha Techwin? BH: Nothing is more important to us than having satisfied customers who have trust in the Samsung Wisenet brand, but this will mean something different depending on where you are within the video surveillance supply chain. We know offering Best in Class products is not enough, even if they are equipped with unique, leading edge technology and offer superb value, maximum ROI and a low total cost of ownership. We need to provide a complete package, as well as peace of mind, which comes with product reliability, the highest levels of pre and post-sales support and the benefits of working closely business and technology partners.

IG: How do you establish trust with end-users? BH: One obvious way is to ensure their video surveillance systems are secure. We are constantly reviewing how Samsung Wisenet cameras, recording devices and software are equipped to minimise the threat from cyber attacks. Recent high profile incidents have highlighted how some manufacturers cameras can be hacked into via the back door in order to gain access to the images captured by the camera, or even as a way into an organisation s network infrastructure in order to steal confidential information or commit sabotage. The firmware of our cameras incorporate what is considered best practice in respect of the reasonable measures that can be taken to prevent unauthorised access to images and data. It is important not to be complacent and so we are constantly monitoring and testing the latest methods of hacking in field tests and our laboratories. When necessary, we release new firmware to counter new threats. In addition, whilst we appreciate that security protocols need to be flexible and easy to implement, we have introduced minimum mandatory and auto-enforced standards in respect of passwords. IG: You provide your video surveillance solutions via a distribution network; so how do you get installers and systems integrators to trust your brand?

BH: For installers and systems integrators, trust is built in many ways. Providing robust and reliable products backed with a three year warranty creates peace of mind. Trust is also established by offering an Advance Replacement service so that if a product develops a fault during in the first year of its three year warranty, a replacement will be dispatched to a specified address within 48 hours of the request. If you are part of the Hanwha Techwin STEP partnership programme, there is the additional benefit of being able to take advantage of the Advance Replacement service for up to two years of a product s three year warranty. Whenever we introduce a new camera series, consultants, system designers, specifiers, installers, systems integrators and end-users can trust Hanwha Techwin to always offer a comprehensive choice of models with the same technical specifications and performance levels. We know that many manufacturers fail to do this and it is extremely frustrating to find out that the cameras within a range, e.g.

2MP or 4MP, are not consistent in terms of their specifications and their ability to collectively offer an ideal solution for any camera location or application. IG: What does 2017 hold for Hanwha Techwin? BH: I am confident we will have a brilliantly bright and successful 2017 and beyond. We intend to have the upcoming new Wisenet X cameras and domes which are supercharged by the most powerful DSP chipset ever incorporated into a camera. The chip s all new architecture includes a high performance core that enables faster processing of video and optional on-board Applications. Most importantly, the ongoing investment in our future by the Hanwha Group means that we will be able to continue to expand our highly talented and enthusiastic pre and post sales teams in line with demand.

We are determined to excel in everything we do and we will move forward by listening, innovating and thinking outside of box. Whilst doing so and with the help of our dedicated and talented colleagues, we will look to work even more closely with our customers so that we are constantly tuned into their needs. Download: The Video Surveillance Report 2016 This exclusive report covers the security needs of surveillance systems as shaped by the physical environment including: What do security professionals think about plug-and-play systems Challenges like low-light conditions or large spaces and the threats posed in various sectors Which cutting-edge features such as mobile access, PTZ smart controls or 4K resolution are most important to security professionals What are the most important factors driving upgrades and would end users consider an upgrade to HD analogue Download the full report here.

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