CES 2017 sneak peak: the light bulb with a hidden security camera

CES 2017 Sneak Peak: The Light Bulb With A Hidden Security Camera

Light bulb maker Bell & Wyson is set to unveil a light bulb with a concealed camera embedded at CES 2017. The low energy (11W) LED bulb-cum-camera has a TF slot and two-way microphone and will stream footage to tablets and smartphones via Wi-Fi. The idea behind the innovation is that intruders, unaware of the light bulb s dual purpose, will neither seek to evade it gaze nor tear it from the wall/ceiling.

And of course, like traditional security lights, it could deter breaking and entering as it gives the impression that someone is home. Although this means an intruder can also easily turn it off though of course he probably won t even realise it s a camera anyway the device streaming app that accompanies the light bulb notifies a user every time the bulb is switched off and will record footage of the intruder beforehand and send the image to the owner. The camera can be managed remotely via a free iOS/Android app, which alerts the homeowner when movement is detected. Footage can be recorded on a Micro SD card (optional) all events. The bulb has a brightness output of 600 lm, equivalent of 60W. Lighting cycles are programmable. Stephane Burlon, a director at the France-based company, spoke to BBC News in advance of CES 2017 about the product.

Quizzed about whether such products would make homeowners uneasy about being under the gaze of a camera, he pointed out that when you switch the light bulb off, you switch the camera off too, so it s always clear when the camera is on or off.

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