CES 2017 sneak peak: Blink set to unveil home security system with moisture sensors for leak detection

CES 2017 Sneak Peak: Blink Set To Unveil Home Security System With Moisture Sensors For Leak Detection

Product launch Blink is launching an install-it-yourself home security system that supports existing Blink and Blink XT cameras at CES 2017, which begins in Las Vegas on Thursday. The solution comprises one Blink camera, a Blink XT camera, one 4G cellular sync module, 1 siren, 2 entry sensors and a keypad. The Seecurity system boasts entry sensors you can install on doors and windows, loud 105 decibel sirens to scare off would be intruders, a moisture sensor to alert residents to possible leaks or floods and a 4G Cellular Sync Module with backup battery so that even a power cut or internet downtime doesn t stop it working.

Launched in the US in the Spring, the starter kit will be priced at $339. A cheaper upgrade at $149 is meant for those who already own the cameras and therefore excludes them. The US-based home automation company is also announcing a two-tier monthly service plan, at $9.99 and $19.99. The two are practically identical in coverage though with the lower $10 tier, you will have to do all the monitoring yourself, usually after the fact. For $20, however, you get round the clock professional monitoring. In September Blink launched a miniature wireless security camera that runs for two years on a pair of AA batteries. Download: The Video Surveillance Report 2016 This exclusive report covers the security needs of surveillance systems as shaped by the physical environment including: What do security professionals think about plug-and-play systems Challenges like low-light conditions or large spaces and the threats posed in various sectors Which cutting-edge features such as mobile access, PTZ smart controls or 4K resolution are most important to security professionals What are the most important factors driving upgrades and would end users consider an upgrade to HD analogue Download the full report here.

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