Coopers Fire launches Smokestop Concertina smoke curtain

Coopers Fire Launches Smokestop Concertina Smoke Curtain

Product launch Coopers Fire has launched a multi-sided smoke curtain that negates requirement for columns, corner posts, side guides and intrusive ceiling interfaces. Suitable for a range of building applications, the SmokeStop Concertina can be used instead of multiple, individual vertical smoke curtains and integrated with ceilings unobtrusively. An alternative to traditional smoke control features, the SmokeStop Concertina allows architects, fire engineers and specifiers to create open-plan designs that meet all requirements of a building s smoke control strategy.

Barriers remain invisibly retracted until activated by an alarm or detector signal, at which point they descend to their operational position to control smoke and assist with smoke channelling. Means of escape and other areas therefore remain tenable and smoke-free. Available in closed shapes, such as squares and faceted circles, the curtain s closed system is manufactured on a bespoke basis for each project. It is available in unlimited widths, with a maximum drop of 6m, and can be be supplied in open (U, L, arc and dog leg) shapes. Smoke and temperature resistant fabric is folded so the fabric can stack neatly into the compact steel head box and fall perfectly when the smoke curtain is deployed. The SmokeStop Concertina also features Coopers Fire s patented Total Gravity Fail-Safe (TGFS) system, which ensures the barriers deploy by controlled descent upon initiation or during any power or system failure. The SmokeStop Concertina is CE marked, third-party certified through Warrington Fire s Certifire scheme and classified as compliant to EN 12101-1, DH60 and BS EN 1363. Coopers Fire recently became the first manufacturer to achieve full compliance to the new British Standard BS 8524 Parts 1 & 2 for active fire curtain barrier assemblies. Coopers Fire is also the only fire and smoke curtain manufacturer with independent third-party accreditation for installation, commissioning and maintenance.

Free download covering legal requirements for responsible persons under the FSO, courtesy of the IOSH, BIFM and USHA approved UK provider of health, safety and environmental information.

Key features: A full breakdown of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 The key actions when dealing with fire precautions & protection A complete guide to maintaining procedures and requirements within your organisation.

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